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ADULT FX 1 TREK BIKES and VTT all terrain .

1 day -  20 euros (depot or voie verte)

2 days -35 euros

3 days -52.50 euros

4 days -70 euros

Plus 4 days is an extra 10 euros per day and free delivery* within 20km of our depot. *(minimum 2 days hire)


City e-bike / Vtc e-bike

City e-bike autonomy 70 - 90km

Vtc e-bike autonomy 140km

1 day  - City 32 euros / Vtc 45 euros (depot or voie verte)

2 days - City 64 euros / Vtc 90 euros

3 days - City 96 euros / Vtc 135 euros

4 days - City 128 euros / Vtc 180 euros

Plus 4 days is an extra City 25 euros / Vtc 35 euros and free delivery* within 20km of our depot .


*( minimum 2 days )


Childs Trailer - 7.50 euros per day

Childrens bikes are 7.50 euros  per day

Child seat -3.50 euros per day

Saddle bags -2.50 euros per day

Phone Holder 1 euro per day

All bikes come with a helmet, pump and repair kit.

Our Adult Hybrid Bikes are FX 1 Trek Bikes as these are not only great lightweigh bikes but we find they are great for Gascon roads. We offer both Male and Female Trek Bikes.


VTT Adult bikes , great if you fancy doing some off roading through the vines or forest .

We also stock children's trailer's which attach to our adult bikes and  are suitable for age 3-9 years of age .

All bikes are safety checked , cleaned and serviced before they leave and all come with a helmet , Bike Lock and a  puncture repair kit . We are adding to our bikes all the time and will update as and when we get new bikes. Please ask if the bike you require is not listed

Payment can be made upon delivery of the bikes at your accomodation , we accept all major bank/credit cards, cash , french cheques . We will require a copy of your Passport/Carte d'identité and also a security deposit which will be arranged at the time of booking.


We also advise all clients to take out/ or have travel insurance to cover you for any damage or accident incurred whilst renting our bikes, (please read our Terms and Conditions ).

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